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Green Lantern: Superboy Prime profile

With a twisted sense of justice and morals, the Superboy-Prime blames the corrupted and ineffective heroes of post-Crisis Earth for his lost destiny as the "Universe's Greatest Protector": Superman.


Origin of Superboy-Prime

Retcon Punch
Superboy-Prime was raised on a parallel world dubbed Earth-Prime.  He was thought to be a normal child.  He was adopted by Jerry and Naomi Kent, who thought it would be amusing to name him Clark after the "comic book" character in their world.  It turned out he really was Kal-El and was teleported to Earth before the Krypton of his universe was swallowed by its sun, Rao.

The Superboy of Earth-Prime left his reality to join other heroes to protect reality itself from the  Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  His reward, along with Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, Golden Age Superman, and Lois Lane of Earth-Two, was a chance to escape to an apparently heavenly pocket dimension before reality fixed itself after the Crisis.

Battle Of The Superboys

Never aging in the Paradise dimension, with a view of the world he can never be a part of (post-Crisis Earth), Superboy-Prime came to despise his situation.  He lost his childhood, and he can never grow up to be   Superman, his idol of Earth-Two.  His envy and anger boiled as he watched the world he had saved become darker.  

He believed its heroes were losing the fight for justice, and he was especially angered by Superboy,  Connor Kent, for taking his name and what he believed should be his life. Regretting his decision, he escaped with the help of Alexander Luthor, and the two set off the chain of events which brought about the Infinite Crisis, an attempt to recreate the world in their image. Having been exposed to yellow sunlight and reveling in his strength, he is the cause of many of the atrocities during the Infinite Crisis:

He destroyed the Watchtower on the moon and left the Martian Manhunter for dead.
He moved the planet  Rann into Thanagar's orbit, causing the two planets and their allies to go to war.
He almost beat Connor Kent to death in an attempt to regain his name, and killed a few  Titans before being trapped inside The Speed Force by the Flash family who then placed him under a Red Sun.
Upon his return four years later, he killed Conner Kent, as well as numerous Green Lanterns before being stopped by the Supermen of New Earth and Earth-Two. The Superman of Earth-Two was beaten to a pulp by Prime during the fight, however, and ended up dying in Power Girl's arms following Prime's defeat.

The Sinestro Corps

Herald of the Anti Monitor
Superboy-Prime was imprisoned by the Guardians of the Universe in the center of an artificial Red Sun Eater which was given to them by Donna Troy and was watched over by at least two dozen Green Lanterns at all times. This was commonly referred to as Prime Duty by The Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps and was a job hated by many due to the fact that, while in the process of keeping an eye on Superboy-Prime, they were not allowed to do anything else.

Superboy-Prime is released from his imprisonment by Sinestro and joins The Sinestro Corps.  He is a Herald of the Anti-Monitor, along with Cyborg Superman, Sinestro himself, and Parallax (with Kyle Rayner as its host).  He sports the uniform of the Sinestro Corps and a variant of the power suit he wore during Infinite Crisis and begins calling himself Superman-Prime.

As the  war against the Green Lantern Corps raged, Prime kept a post on the moon until The Sinestro Corps brought the fight to Earth.  After defiling the Memorial of Bart Allen, Prime re-waged his war against a number of spare heroes.  This time around, Prime tore off the other of Risk's arm's and may have killed Wildebeest before a faction of Team Superman joined the fight.  But even with their joined efforts, Prime managed to last until the sun rose and he was able to recharge. It was then that he ended up being challenged by the new Ion: Sodam Yat.

Prime ferociously battled Ion across the city.  They originally seemed to be evenly matched until the fight brought them to a nuclear powerplant.  The powerplant, made of lead, weakened Ion and Prime was able to impale him with a lead rod.  Ion managed to escape from the plant but Prime pursued mercilessly.  The fight continued into a cemetery.  Prime and Ion fought hard and long but Prime was too much for the young and inexperienced Green Lantern Corpsmen. Prime was able to beat Ion into submission. However, John Stewart and Guy Gardner arrived to save their comrade.

Superman-Prime vs. Ion
The battle in New York raged on as Prime battled the Green Lantern Corps and Earth's heroes.  After hearing the Anti-Monitor declaring victory, Prime turned on the Guardian of Fear and ripped him apart for destroying his homeworld.  Superman-Prime tossed the Anti-Monitor into space after achieving his ultimate goal of revenge. Prime then attacked the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps and slaughtered many of them.

The Guardians of the Universe attacked and began blasting Prime with energy. The Kryptonian managed to grab on to one of the Guardians but was shocked to see the Guardian self-destruct in his face, apparently killing Superman-Prime.  It was later revealed that Prime was trapped in the Multiverse looking much older and more powerful.


Superboy-Prime possessed just about the same powers as his counterpart Superman although they appear to be more powerful due to his insanity.  Superboy-Prime's power levels are reminiscent of the powerful Silver Age Superman, accomplishing such feats as overpowering two Supermen and defeating or killing many other DC heroes.  Superboy-Prime also wears a yellow sun powered suit of armor to further enhance his power.  His body is currently not energized with energy from a Guardian of The Universe, as he had used up his energy during his fight with Monarch.

He can fly at light-speed

Prime can hear anything, anywhere like the Silver Age Superman.

Healing Factor

Heat Vision
He can generate an intense beam of heat to melt things and it was powerful enough to shoot through and penetrate the chest of superman

He can fly into a sun unharmed like the Silver Age Superman.Able to survive a guardian of the universe exploding.When he was charged by Oan energy, he was able to withstand monarch's attacks.He can eat uranium without any discomfort and withstood Krypto's heat vision, Powergirl and Supergirl's attack.

Mental Powers
Prime has Silver Age Superman's powers to learn. He learned every Earth languages and 28 alien ones.

Super Breath
He can create hurricane, freeze foes or blow out stars.

Super Hypnotism
He has Silver Age Superman's hypnotic skills

Super Strength
He can move planets and take on two Supermans at one time.He was able to hurt Sodam Yat who had the power of Ion and tear off Aquaman's arm.

Super Speed
He can travel faster than the speed of light or fly faster to cross the timebarrier to travel back in time.

X-ray vision
He can see through things except for lead

Super Ventriloquism
Prime has Silver Age Superman's ventriloquism powers strong enough to speak to other contents.

Vision Powers
Prime has x-ray, microscope vision and telescope vision that was strong enough to see across universes.

Energy Absorbing
Prime like any Superman absorbs different forms of radiation and draws power from yellow sunlight however he loses yellow sunlight faster than Superman, but can absorb it back faster and reach full power sooner. He has also been able to absorb the energy from a Guardian of The Universe and used it to increase his age, but only temporally.

Prime's Armor

Prime's Original Armor
Prime has a suit of armor that absorbs and stores Yellow Sunlight just in case he has to fight at night or comes under attack from darkness-manipulating superheroes like Shadow Lass. The first incarnation of the armor, which was known only as "The Monitor Armor" was stolen from a museum that existed in a parallel universe which had somehow become trapped or replicated within The Speed Force.

But that first armor however was destroyed when the Supermen of New Earth and Earth-Two sent Prime flying into the Rao of New-Earth. The Sinestro Corps variant of the armor was designed by Prime, who was inspired to model it after The Anti-Monitor's Armor once he got a hold of the information that allowed him to see how his armor functioned. This version of the Armor was also destroyed during a battle with Earth's Heroes.

Sinestro Corps Armor
Shortly after his arrival in The 31st Century Prime got a hold of an exact and fully functional replica of his original armor that had been on a statue of him that was being sent into storage. The armor proved useful for a time but during Prime's fight with Superman and several L.O.S.H. members including two alternate versions of Cosmic Boy.

All of the armor save for the part covering his hips and the spandex uniform underneath were destroyed. Contrary to common belief, no version of this armor is capable of protecting Prime from the effects of Red Sunlight or powers that can reproduce the effects of Red Sunlight.

Time Trapper Powers
The immortal Time Trapper incarnation of Prime, who is much older than his modern day counterpart, has several abilities that his younger self does not. "Prime Trapper" has shown that he is not only capable of traveling through time without being seen but also manipulating it subtly as well. Prime also has displayed the ability to fire huge energy blasts and is somewhat well-versed in using psychic and psionic abilities. He can also cast an Astral Projection of himself into the minds of Future Seers such as The White Witch, is capable of manipulating his height at will and has the ability to control The Cockroaches that live with and on him at The End of Time.
Red Lantern Ring
Removing a red lantern ring causes death upon a user unless healed by a blue lantern ring. It is unknown if Prime truly wore a real red lantern ring during his temporary lantern empowerment while fighting various black lanterns. But if Prime truly wielded a real red lantern ring, his body was able to unwield the ring without suffering death.


For the first time ever... Prime is susceptible to Kryptonite Radiation Poisoning
Due to the fact Prime comes from another dimension the Kryptonite of New Earth has no effect on him. Also the reality-altering powers of 5th Dimension Imps does not seem to work on him. Originally, Prime was entirely resistant to Kryptonite because in his world Krypton was consumed by Rao, it's Sun, and thus Kryptonite never came to be in his reality making the weakness non-existent.

Recently however while in the "Threeboot" L.O.S.H.'s version of The 31st Century, he was actually poisoned with a large abundance of Kryptonite Radiation, the reason for this is unknown but it has been hinted that the "Threeboot" version of The 31st Century may actually be a reconstituted version of Earth-Prime.

Prior to this his only weakness was Red Sunlight like the other Supermen. Unlike the other Supermen however Prime is completely resistant to magic as shown when he said that it only tickled when Black Adam punched him multiple times with magic-enhanced strikes and also when the 31st Century version of Mordu the Mystical blasted him with a mystical attack.

Aside from those weaknesses Prime has many psychological phobias such as a fear of the dark due to the fact that it saps his cells of sunlight and an irrational fear of speedsters that has been deemed "Flash-Phobia", primarily because it was The Flash Family who imprisoned him in The Speed Force and then left him to rot under a Red Sun for approximately four years (Time in The Speed Force runs faster than on Earth.)

Prime is also afraid of being forgotten now that he has learned that in The 31st Century, everything he did during both Infinite Crisis and The Sinestro Corps War was incorrectly documented (i.e., Prime was supposedly defeated single-handedly by Kid Flash, Conner Kent and Sodam Yat during his fights with them) and that he has been considered only as having been minor annoyance to Superman whose place in History matters so little that his statue in the Hall of Villains at the Superman Museum was put in a closet and was about to be thrown into a real storage locker once the statue of the villain called Neutron had finished getting it's new paint job.

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