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Green Lantern: Jade profile

Jenny-Lynn Hayden
Height:   5' 8"
Weight:  145 lbs
Hair:       Green
Eyes:      Green


Starheart Empowerment: controls the mystical power of the Starheart, an ancient artifact created by the Guardians of the Universe.  Jade has extensive energy manipulation powers able to effect the entire spectrum including gravity, radiation, heat, light.  She had the ability to creating solid light constructs which allowed her to make simple weapons, entrapment devices, common geometric shapes, gigantic hands and simple containers.  This power was limited by the strength of her will.  Jade could use her abilities to fly through the air, phase through solid objects, bend lighwaves around her body to become invisible, and produce force fields for protection.  The Starheart granted Jenny-Lynn certain mental abilities including hpnotism and mesmerism,  a spectral ability to see and track astral forms such as ghosts, limited telepathy including a telepathic link with her brother Obsidian.  Later in life, Jenny-Lynn manifested chlorokinetic abilities similiar to her mothers and even commented on the fact that her skin actually contains chlorophyll (the source of its green hue), and she can photosynthesis sunlight like a plant.

Abilities / Skills

Photography: Jade was an amateur photographer.
Wood Flaw
The energy is ineffective against wood. Items made of wood cannot be lifted or broken by energy from the ring nor can barriers of emerald energy stop projectiles crafted from wood. By extension, things made of plant-matter could potentially disrupt his power and were not affected by the ring's power as much as other substances were. Apparently, this vulnerability to wood was because the green flame was an incarnation of “Magic and Life” and thus could not be turned against them.

Daughter of the original Green Lantern and the psychotic Rose Thorn, Jenny Hayden took after her father as the superheroine Jade until her death during Rann-Thanagar War. She was resurrected at the end of Blackest Night.

Jade's mother Rose Canton was briefly married to Alan Scott, but fled upon conceiving their children, fearing she would harm them. She gave them up for adoption and they were separated. Jennifer-Lynn Hayden grew up in an adoptive home. Jennie-Lynn was adopted by a couple in the Milwaukee suburbs, as she grew older, Jenny-Lynn discovered her true nature when a star shaped birth mark on her left hand blazed alight and her skin and hair turned green from the energy inside her. Jennie did not learn she had a twin brother until she was in her late teens, a fter reuniting with her twin brother, Todd Rice ( Obsidian), Jenny-Lynn became the super heroine Jade.

Shortly after she and Todd met, surmising they were the children of Alan Scott, they attempted to join the Justice Society. They were rejected, but joined with other children and protégés of JSA members to form Infinity, Inc..

Jen and Kyle
Due to her father's exposure to magical energies, she and her brother were born with metahuman powers, although Jade's only manifested themselves when she was defending herself from being sexually assaulted as a child. Jade's powers greatly resemble those of the Green Lantern Corps: she is able to generate green energy and shape it into constructs according to her will. She once lost those powers when she fought the Starheart, the source of her powers, but they were restored by Kyle Rayner during his first, short tenure as the god-like Ion. She later discovered that she had her mother's plant manipulation powers, when she caused roses to attack a mugger. While on a date with Kyle on an alien world, she told him that her skin actually contains chlorophyll (the source of its green hue), and she can photosynthesize sunlight like a plant. While she was without her powers, Kyle gave her a power ring and she briefly served as Earth's Green Lantern.

As Green Lantern
She lost her powers when she fought the Starheart, so she gave up adventuring for a time and began a romance with then Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. This helped renew her interest in heroics and she used a power ring he gave her to become Green Lantern. Whilst sunbathing on an alien world with Kyle, she revealed that she can photosynthesis (as plants do) due to the chlorophyll in her skin. During his first time with god like powers, Kyle fully restored her powers. Kyle and Jade left Earth for a time, due to the homophobically motivated beating of Kyle's assistant and friend Terry, which caused Kyle to question whether humanity was worth saving. Jade, however, chose to come back first. Jade became involved with another man and ended her relationship with Kyle, in that order.

Will you marry me?
While she was in a relationship with Kyle Rayner, Jade met Access, a powerful dimensional hopping superhero. He simply appeared in the middle of her apartment, talked with her for a bit and left.

Jade became a member of the Outsiders when they were reformed by Nightwing and Arsenal. Serving with them for a time, she began to see problems in the emotional state of Nightwing and how that was affecting his leadership of the team. This problem eventually reached the point that Jade confronted the two men and took over leadership of the Outsiders.

Alan cradles the dead body of his daughter
Jade later joined the team that went into space with Donna Troy during Infinite Crisis.  Jenny-Lynn did not survive the encounter, however, as she died trying to stop Alexander Luthor, Jr. from tearing the universe into a new Multiverse. Her power and her consciousness lingered until merging with Kyle Ryaner and transforming him into Ion once more.

While Alan Scott was in a comatose state during an attack by the Gentleman Ghost, Jade appeared to him. She told her father goodbye and granted him another portion of her green energy, replacing his missing eye (which he had lost due to complications while returning from space after the Crisis was over) with a green glowing orb that, due to its mystical origins and connection to Jade, allows him to track astral and mystical energy forms such as ghosts.

Black Lantern
Blackest Night
During the Blackest Night, Jade was brought back as a reanimated corpse and a Black Lantern. She appeared on Oa as the crypt of the fallen Green Lanterns was pouring out with Black Lanterns and took Kyle Rayner by surprise.

During the final battle of the Blackest Night, Hal Jordan and the other heroes temporarily made into White Lanterns used white power rings to sever the connection to the Black Lanterns.  This brought many of the slain heroes and heroines back to life, one of which was Jenn.  Upon her resurrection and after Nekron's defeat, she ran to Kyle and kissed him much to his and Soranik Natu's surprise.

Brightest Day

After her resurrection, Jade travels to Oa for a medical examination from Soranik Natu. The pair discuss their relationship with Kyle Rayner and Jade explains that she knows Kyle has moved on. After Kyle and Soranik fly away, Jade is mysteriously attacked. She is later found on Earth by the Justice League inside of a green asteroid connected to the Starheart.

Bittersweet Reunion
During the Justice Society of America's encounter with Gog, Power Girl was sent to the Earth-2 of the new multiverse, and it was revealed that Jade was alive and well on this other Earth as a member of the Justice Society Infinity. On her world, it was Alan Scott who was deceased. Along with her team, she fought the Justice Society of America over a misunderstanding, until it was explained about the multiverse and the Justice Society of America made a hasty exit from Earth-2.

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