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Green Lantern: Guy Gardner profile

Guy Gardner was set to become the replacement Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in Hal Jordan's place. He is regarded as one of the most effective and powerful Green Lanterns of the Corps, despite a reputation of obnoxiousness and arrogance that precedes him.

Powerful Gardner
Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 2814, now assigned to Sector 0
Sector Partner(s): Kyle Rayner
Homeworld: Earth
Predecessor: Hal Jordan (returned to duty)


Guy Beaten by his Father
Guy Gardner was created by Gil Kane and John Broome in March, 1968. His first appearance was in Green Lantern #59.

Guy Gardner was born to parents Roland (Rolly) Gardner and Peggy Gardner in Baltimore, Maryland. Guy had a rough childhood and was often beaten by his abusive father. Despite this Guy always struggled to please his father but his father only seemed to appreciate the accomplishments of Guy's older brother, Mace. Guy's only escape was reading comic books that he collected, particularly those of General Glory. He even modeled his own haircut after the General's kid sidekick as a kid and even when he first became a Green Lantern.

As a kid Guy tried to do many things to impress his father for example he built a radio from scratch for a school project. As he got older Guy eventually grew tired of trying to please his father, and started getting in trouble at school and later with the law. He got in trouble for stealing cars getting into fights, and as a result he got send to Juvenile Hall more than once. Once Guy turned eighteen his criminal life caught up with him. A couple of police officers caught him trying to steal a car one day, but instead of taking him to jail the officers took him to see his brother, Mace. Mace had become a police officer himself in their home town of Baltimore and, Mace enlisted the other officer's help in setting Guy straight.  After giving Guy a bit of a beating Mace gave Guy a big wad of cash, and told him to start acting right. This hit moment was a moment of clarity for Guy  and afterwords he went out and got a job. Guy also got his General Eduction Diploma (G.E.D.), and began an education at the prestigious University of Michigan (U of M).  At U of M he became good friends John Henry Irons, who would later become the hero Steel.  

Guy's Pain
He graduated from (U of M) and left the school with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Education.  He also took many classes in engineering as well as playing in several sports. Sadly, when he came back home to his family things were worse than before. His brother had been kicked off the force for the extortion of several drug dealers  Apparently Mace had been blackmailing them. Mace drowned himself in a local river apparently from depression. This event drove their father's alcoholism to a whole new level, and it ended up killing him.

Guy, always struggled with his anger and aggression  and because of this demon he decided to use his career helping others with the same problem. Guy became a social caseworker and helped prison inmates.  One day one of these inmates ended up being a Hal Jordan.  Hal got in the correctional facility for an alcohol problem. This most likely resonated with Guy's because of his own father.  While Guy and Hal ware in prison during a huge prison riot, Guy lost his temper and in a rage he attacked one of the inmates. Hal ended up pulling him off.  After this Guy had to leave this career path, believing it only fueled his natural anger and aggression. His next job was as a Physical Education teacher  for special education children.  Guy loved to teach and loved his new job and students loved him as well and regarded him as their favorite teacher.

Green Lantern

If Guy were a Lantern
It is at this time that a fatally wounded  Abin Sur crash lands his ship on Earth.  Abin Sur was a member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. In his last act as Green Lantern he used his Power Ring to scan all the people of earth.  The ring was to search for one that was honest as well as without fear. The ring found two who were worthy of the ring but the best choice, Guy Garner was too far away and Abin Sur told the ring to choose the closer target  Hal Jordan.  Hal eventually found out about Guy and he always kept Guy in the back of his mind in case he ever needed a replacement. When Abin died the ring bonded itself with Hal and Hal became the famous Green lantern of 2814.

Guy worked a few years as a teacher until one day he was on a field trip with his students to California.  While on the field trip a destructive Earthquake rocks a bridge the class is crossing in a school bus. The school bus careens toward the edge of the bridge, and falls off. Everybody on the bus escapes through the emergency exit in the rear of the bus except Guy and a young girl. Guy was trying to save her when the bus gave out, and the two plummeted to there death. Luckily, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern saves both of them.  Hal recognized Gardner as the man who had worked with him in prison, and the man whom Abin Sur had originally chosen to receive his Power Ring. The two were brought to solid ground, but the accident had broken Guy's legs. For just about a year, Guy was bedridden, or forced to use a cane or crutches to walk.

Guy as a Teacher
Once Guy healed enough to walk on his own, and things started to return to a normal he found he was still racked with guilt over the near death of his entire class.  Depressed Guy took a break from teaching feeling he was unable to do the work anymore. Guy started to travel the country and see places that he had always dreamed of visiting.  It is on Guy's travels that he meets Kari Limbo at a state carnival. She is a fortune teller, and during the reading of Guy's future, she tells him that he will inherit a part in a great tradition involving the color Green. Guy and Kari soon fall in love and she joins Guy as he travels the country. Guy and Kari truly love each other and with Guy's proposal they get engaged.  Life really started to  get better for Guy and he was truly happy.

Kari Limbo
Unknown to Guy, Hal Jordan began to have trouble charging his Power Ring. Assuming it was a problem stemming from the Central Power Battery Hal decides to go there and investigate the problem. He leaves Earth, but before leaving he confronts Guy about being a Green Lantern Corps and what his role has been.  Guy has a hard time but he does come to terms with it and excepts his role as Green Lantern.  Hal leaves him with a new Power Ring, and Hal's old Lantern.  Hal didn't know that the problem he was having was actually inside his old Lantern, and as a result the battery explodes and  Guy is severely injured and suffers a concussion when tries to charge his ring for the first time.  Also for some reason Guy is flung into the Phantom Zone. Everyone believed Guy was incinerated by the explosion.  It is because of this that Guy spends some time in the zone.  He also had to learn to fend for himself and suffer with his concussion with no medical help. The odd part about  the zone was he was able to actually look out into Earth. From his vantage point, he saw Kari mourning his apparent death, and he saw Hal consoling her. Worse yet he sees Kari and Hal eventually become lovers, and the longer Guy watched, the more his past issues of rage and anger over whelm him.

Hal takes Kari
While in the Zone, Guy encounters a demon named Sapol. Sapol desperately wanted to escape from the Zone, and conquer the outside world. Sapol may have done just that but with some of Guy's remaining power he defeats Sapol. The battle only makes Guy's physical and psychological damage worse.  Guy continued to watch Hal and Kari's life together making his state even worse.

In one last ditch effort to escape the zone Guy tried to reach out to Kari's psychic abilities. On the very day Kari and Hal were to be married Guy finally managed to touch her mind.  Kari entered a trance, and drew a picture in the dirt of what she saw from the other dimension.

The New Green Lantern
Hal quickly got Superman's help but, in their rescue attempt they are both pulled into the Phantom Zone as well. As soon as Hal and Superman enter the zone they are immediately attacked by a furious Guy.  Guy was furious and felt that Hal had in fact stolen Kari from him.  He also believed that Hal had purposely tried to kill him with with his faulty battery. Guy's was so enraged that Superman and Hal retreated out of the zone.  After Hal and Superman leave, Guy is pulled into the anti-matter universe known as Qward by the ex-Green Lantern Sinestro. Guy is used by Sinestro, who fuels his rage especially toward Hal Jordan. Superman and Hal not giving up defeat Sinestro, and return Guy to home. Unfortunately, once there, Guy injuries catch up to him and he becomes comatose. He could not even be reached psychically by Kari, nor anyone else.  While Guy lay in his hospital bed Kari breaks up with Hal and, John Stewart becomes the next Green Lantern from Earth.  Hal and John fought as Green Lanterns for a long time all the while Guy remained in his coma.

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