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Green Lantern: Mongul profile

The cruel conqueror Mongul once roamed the cosmos aboard Warworld, a planet-sized engine of destruction. Invading countless worlds, Mongul enslaved entire populations.


Mongul has physical strength to fight on equal terms against Superman. Mongul has enough physical strength to defeat Wonder Woman (Infinite Crisis issue 1, Mongul defeat Wonder Woman effortlessly).
Mongul also has a magnificent durability (Mongul hold several blows of Superman).
Mongul has a powerful energy cannon (the cannon is located in the chest). This cannon fires powerful bursts of energy.
After the story Sinestro Corps, Mongul got a Qwardian Power Ring. Mongul killed several members of the Sinestro Corps (Mongul got more rings).



 Mongul was an absolute ruler over a planet believing that the only true way to rule is with an iron fist and was branded as a tyrant by them for his way of ruling. Eventually, the people went to the ancient Arkymandryte from the mountains and he preached to the people, and soon the people rebelled and Mongul was forced to flee for his life. Mongul later found out that this new ruler was an even bigger tyrant than he was, and believes people deserve whatever ruler they get and wishes to establish himself as ruler of the universe. Superman encounters him one day when Mongul contacts him and commands him to obtain a crystal key for him, and shows that he has already kidnapped some of his friends so Superman has no choice but to get it for him. Superman learns that the planet on which the key resides on neighbors New Mars, home to the Martian Manhunter, and the Manhunter tells him he won't let him have the key because of the destruction it will bring as he narrates to Superman about how the key activates Warworld and how Warworld was built by a war-like race called the Warzoons, who wished to rule the universe. The Warzoons eventually all died out, and the last one was found dead at the command chair in Warworld. A peaceful race known as the Largas came to Warworld and buried the last Warzoon, but could not bring themselves to destroy Warworld and instead programmed its defenses so that no one will be able to step foot on Warworld ever again and made it so that one can only enter with the use of the vibrations of a special crystal key and gave the crystal key to the Martians before they all died out. Superman, however, has friends at stake and fights the Martian, eventually defeating him regretfully, and takes the key from its crypt. Mongul then arrives and though Superman tries to fight him and keep the key away from him, he is too strong and takes the key, but not before the Manhunter frees Superman's friends from Mongul. Superman and Supergirl then go to seek out Warworld, but as they encounter the giant star-sized battle station, they realize that its weapons, which include giant nuclear missiles and macro-laser cannons capable of destroying planets, are too much for even them. But soon, Superman remembers when he saw the Warzoons graves, they weren't buried in massive graves but rather one by one so they must have all died out one at a time and buried each other except for the last one who was buried by the Largas, and knows that the only thing on Warworld that could have killed them all one by one is the command chair, which they realized must put an extraordinary strain on the user's brain which ended up killing. Realizing this, Superman and Supergirl force Mongul to draw out all of Warworld's weapons, putting a large strain on Mongul's brain, knocking him out, and then they proceed to destroy Warworld, but not before Mongul escapes.


Superman first met the warlord Mongul while in self-imposed exile from Earth.  Wracked with doubt over his ability to uphold truth and justice, the Man of Steel wandered through outer space and into the clutches of interstellar slave traders.  Sold into the warlord's challenge arena, Superman bested Mongul's champions without ever delivering a killing blow, a defiance that would pit the Man of Steel against the emperor of Warworld himself.

Mongul's mechanized base was a weapon of mass destruction that roamed the cosmos, striking fear and terror with its awesome firepower.  No army could stand against the might of Warworld.  Entire planetary systems were left smoldering ruins as Mongul's snub fighters blitzed alien cities from the air, while giant battle tanks brutally crushed any lingering resistance beneath their spiked treads.  Space Sector 151 was ravaged in a war against Mongul, leaving the Sector  composed almost entirely of asteroids.

The Death of Mongul
The alien tyrant teamed with the Cyborg to devastate Coast City and transform Earth into a new Warworld.   Mongul instead found defeat and incarceration.  He was among scores of villains offered augmented powers by the demon Neron.  When Mongul proudly refused, Neron sealed his fate.  Though Mongul perished, his bloodline endured in two equally cruel children, a son who became a brief ally to the Man of Steel, and a daughter who still yearns to taste revenge in her father's memory.

Son of Mongul
Mongul's son (also named Mongul) went to Earth to get revenge for his father.  He battled Hal Jordan and the Green Arrow but was interrupted by his sister, Mongal.  They were sent back to their home planet of Debstam IV where Mongul killed his sister, citing family as a weakness.

Fear Mongul! Sinestro Corps Leader
Status: Inactive, held within the Sinestro Corp Central Battery
Space Sector: 2811
Sector Partner: ?
Homeworld:  Debstam IV
Predecessor: Inapplicable
Successor: Inapplicable

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