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Green Lantern: John Stewart profile

John Stewart is an architect selected by the Guardians of the Galaxy to be Hal Jordan's backup as protector of Space Sector 2814 after Jordan's original backup, Guy Gardner, was seriously injured.


John Stewart in his first appearance as Green Lantern's new backup
John Stewart was an architect that was chosen by the Guardians to be Hal Jordan's backup when Guy Gardner got injured and was out of action.  At first John was opposed to the idea of being a Green Lantern because he questioned himself as an authority figure.

The Guardians stood by their decision and John was made a Green Lantern.  On his first assignment with Hal Jordan, they had to protect a racist politician, John didn't want to do the mission.  When an assassin attempted to shoot the politician, he refused to go help and Hal had to go in alone.  However, John deduced that it was just a decoy and was able to save some police officer from being killed by the shooter.

After that Hal wanted to take back john's ring and demanded an explanation.John told him that the guy he caught was just a decoy. Hal would then conclude that John was the perfect recruit to be his backup and that john's style had turned him off.  John would occasionally fill in for Hal Jordan whenever he was unavailable and even went on some missions with the Justice League of America. When Hal Jordan decided to give up being the Green Lantern, the Guardians promoted John to become a full time Lantern.  He would meet Katma Tui, another Green Lantern assigned to teach John how to use his ring properly.  The two of them would eventually marry and they would both serve as Green Lanterns for Earth.

John’s ring power was eventually taken away by Sinestro, and Katma Tui was murdered by Star Sapphire.  Right afterwards, John was accused of murdering Star Sapphire and also accused of stealing from the nation of South Namibia.  He was imprisoned and tortured, but eventually freed when Hal Jordan repowered his ring. John left Earth tojourney through space where he would participate in the Cosmic Odyssey.  He failed and the planet Xanshi was destroyed.  J’onn J'onzz became angry at John for what happened during the Cosmic Odyssey, because he was with him at the time.  John became heavily depressed due to all the trauma he’s been through.  He eventually forgave himself and became the caretaker of Mosaic World. He had some rough times at first, because he was displeased with his new assignment, but he eventually helped Mosaic build a new society.

Katma Tui was later resurrected and she would reunite with John.  However, this did not last long when Hal Jordan became possessed by Parallax and destroyed the Guardians and in the process, killed John’s resurrected wife Katma Tui. After the fall of the Green Lantern Corps, John joined another peacekeeping force, the Darkstars.  With the Darkstars, he evacuated the Mosaic cities because it had become under the control of Oa.  John was crippled when he battle Grayven but regained the use of his legs later thanks to Hal Jordan before he sacrificed himself.  John gained a new ring from Kyle Rayner and joined the Justice League.  After Hal Jordan returned and the Green Lantern Corps was reorganized, Jordan and John were made the guardians of Earth’s sector.   One year after Infinite Crisis, Hal Jordan reveals that John is on an undercover mission in deep space.


The Power Ring is the greatest weapon in the universe, granting it's wielder the same abilities inherent to all Green Lanterns,
limited only by the wielder's force of will and depth of imagination.


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

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