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Green Lantern: Sinestro profile

Super Name:Sinestro
Real Name:Thaal Sinestro
Aliases:Thaal Sinestro
The Renegade Green Lantern
The Fallen Lantern
Sinestro of Korugar
Saviour of Korugar
Green Lantern 1417
Yellow Lantern
White Lantern
Publisher:DC Comics
Character Type:Alien
1st Appearance:Green Lantern #7
Appears in:220 issues

Former Green Lantern, current leader of the Sinestro Corps


Thaal Sinestro, originally an anthropologist from the planet Korugar, had a natural affinity for order as displayed by his meticulous reconstructions of ancient ruins. It was at one of these reconstructions that a wounded  Green Lantern, Prohl Gosgotha, crash landed. He gave his ring to Sinestro who barely defeated the lantern's pursuer, a Weaponer of Qward , at the cost of the very ruins he had restored. When Gosgotha requested his ring back after the battle so that it might keep him alive

 Sinestro as a Green Lantern
Sinestro instead allowed him to die and took his place. The Guardians, unaware of his actions, allowed Sinestro to become the Green Lantern for sector 1417.

Sinestro quickly became one of the most highly regarded lanterns in the corps. with his relentless pursuit of order. Eventually this desire to preserve order led him to believe his sector would be best served by his conquering his home world and ruling it as it's unquestioned dictator. Sinestro became obsessed with his idea of protection at any cost.

 Sinestro was assigned as instructor for new Green Lantern recruit, Hal Jordan, who was shocked by the former’s totalitarian methods. Sinestro defended his practices as being necessary to protect his people from alien forces. This was put to the test when the Khund warlods attacked Korugar and Hal and Sinestro attempted to repel them.   Hal called for help from other Green Lanterns inadvertently exposing Sinestro’s dictatorship to the Guardians.

Sinestro stood for punishment before the Guardians and was replaced by Katma Tui, leader of the Korugarian resistance. Although she would eventually   become a respected member of the corps., Katma Tui did not want to become a Green Lantern. She and the rest of Korugar viewed the Green Lantern Corps. as a machine for oppression, a view that persists on Korugar to this day.

Exile and Return

Sinestro was banished to the anti-matter universe, specifically to the world of Qward. The Guardians had hoped that banishing Sinestro to a world inhabited by people that hated him as a Green Lantern would humble him; instead he was able to forge an alliance with the Weaponers of Qward. They would use their technology and vast pool of slave labor to create a yellow power ring for Sinestro to exact revenge on his formers master for wronging him as Sinestro believed they had.

 Armed for revenge
In the following years Sinestro would confront the Green Lantern Corps on many occasions and become one of their most feared adversaries due to the weakness in the green power rings against yellow. Despite this, Sinestro would be defeated repeatedly by his former student, Hal Jordan.

When the Guardians left the universe in an attempt to mate, they built a vast prison on Oa for Sinestro and thousands of the Corps’ other enemies. Sinestro was able to manipulate the Mad God of Sector 3600 to escape and become even more powerful. Sinestro went on a rampage that left entire star systems shattered and billions dead. He was finally subdued by the Green Lanterns and made to stand trial for his crimes. He was condemned to death and executed, but Sinestro’s trickery won out.

Sinestro was able to transfer his mind into the green central power battery upon his death and deactivate it, cutting off the entire Green Lantern Corps from their power source. Hal Jordan entered the power battery in an attempt to restore the powers of his fellow lanterns. He was able to defeat the spirit of Sinestro and leave him trapped, powerless inside the battery for all eternity. Once again, Sinestro had one more trick to play on his nemesis. He was able to ‘infect’ Jordan with the parasite, Parallax, the source of the Green Lantern’s weakness against the color yellow.

  When the alien warlord, Mongul, and Hank Henshaw laid waste to Hal Jordan’s home of Coast City and all of its inhabitants, Jordan was driven mad with grief. His grief allowed the Parallax entity to possess him and led him on a rampage that decimated the Green Lantern Corps and most of the guardians dead. In a desperate bid to stop him the remaining guardians freed Sinestro from the central power battery. Jordan defeated Sinestro and snapped his neck, however, this Sinestro was only a hard light construct operated by the real Sinestro still trapped inside the battery. When Hal destroyed the power battery and absorbed most of its energy into him, Sinestro was able to escape and went into hiding.
Iperfect Duplicate

 An artificial intelligence based on the deceased son of Dr. Julian Lazarus created a flawed copy of Sinestro and while it had none of Sinestro’s cunning it was able to cause a significant amount of devastation. The device was stopped by Wonder Woman and Hercules and the Sinestro construct along with it.


Sinestro came out of hiding after the existence of Parallax was revealed culminating in the return of Hal Jordan from the dead. Sinestro was forced to retreat into the anti-matter universe when his ring became damaged in the fight.
Sinestro briefly returned during the Villains United storyline. He was involved with the Secret Society of Super-Villains' massacre of the Freedom Fighters.

Sinestro Corps War

Sinestro assembled an army of yellow-ring-wielding fear-mongers dubbed the Sinestro Corps.  He was able to strip Kyle Rayner of the Ion entity and replace it with Parallax. Meanwhile the Sinestro

 The Heralds of the Anti-Monitor
Corps assaulted Oa, releasing numerous prisoners and killing dozens of Lanterns. Sinestro was able to recruit two of those escapees, Hank Henshaw and Superman Prime.
Sinestro, Parallax, Hensaw and Superman Prime became the heralds of the Anti-Monitor, the sole guardian of the Sinestro Corps. The Anti-Monitor saw the Sinestro Corps as a tool to aid in his crusade to destroy the matter universe. Hal Jordan and a group of Green Lanterns attacked Qward, freeing the Ion entity.

Sinestro brought the battle to Earth, center of the multiverse. The Sinestro Corps, the Manhunters and the heralds of the Anti-Monitor fought the Green Lantern Corps and the heroes of Earth across the globe. Kyle Rayner, free from Parallax, and Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro after all of their rings were de-powered by the Manhunters, ending the battle. Sinestro was imprisoned on Oa and his Corps was scattered into space.

Origins & Omens

 Visiting Soranik Natu
Sinestro revealed the corps was part of his plans to have the guardians allow the Green Lanterns to use deadly force and become feared. Sinestro was given a sentence of death by the guardians and was to be sent to Korugar for the sentence to be carried out. En route to Korugar a group of Sinestro Corps lanterns attempted to free Sinestro, but were stopped when Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns attacked both sides. During the battle a Blue Lantern, Saint Walker, appeared and informed Hal Jordan that Sinestro must survive to face the upcoming Blackest Night.

Sinestro is taken to Ysmault and nailed to a cross. Atrocitus planned to torment Sinestro and destroy everything he’s even held dear. Atrocitus reveals he even knows about Sintro’s daughter despite his best efforts to keep her secret. The Red Lanterns ambush the Green and Blue Lanterns when they attempt to free Sinestro. During the fight a group of Yellow Lanterns free Sinestro and while Hal is trying to free Laira from her red ring Sinestro shoots her through the chest, killing her. This enrages Hal enough that Laira’s red ring chooses him as her replacement and in his berserk rage he attempts to kill Sinestro. Saint Walker frees Hal by placing a blue ring on his finger, destroying the red ring and making Hal a hybrid Blue/Green Lantern.

Sinestro escaped to Korugar, incapacitated Princess Iolande, and confronts his daughter Soranik Natu. He tells her how her mother took her and fled as he rose to power. He was able to mark her and plant a transmitter on her so he could always locate her. He had visited her several times over the course of her life, but always in disguise. He also told her how proud he was of her for peacefully bringing order to Korugar.

Abilities of Sinestro's Ring

The Ring is a source of limitless power, and thus there is no theoretical limit to what it can do, but here are some abilities it has been shown to have. Its user must be a expert at instilling fear.

Artificial Intelligence: Every ring has a connection to the Main Battery on Qward, which taps into Parallax. It acts as an "on-board computer," telling the wearer what they need to know. It can either respond out loud, or silently directly to the wearer's mind. The AI contains a large database of information that may be crucial to a "Sinestro's" success. The ring also translates nearly every language to and from the wearer, which is why the Corps can communicate with each other. When the bearer of a Sinestro Corps ring dies, the ring will seek out a suitable replacement for their sector, someone capable of instilling great fear.
Communicator: The ring can act as a personal communicator between Sinestro Corps members.
Energy absorptions:The user can absorb and store most forms of energy.
Timetravel: The user can travel forward in time.
Translator of languages: The ring can translate languages so that the user can understand.
Costumes: The wearer of the ring may create a Sinestro Corps uniform.
Energy Beams, Bubbles, Force-Fields, and Blasts: The rings can also project beams, form protective bubbles and force fields, and fire destructive blasts. The power ring can contain immense amount of forces.
Energy Constructs: The rings can construct anything the wearer can imagine from hard-light energy, as long as they are willing to make it. The more determined the wearer is, the more complex and intricate these things can be. The constructs can even be so complex as to form working machines, computers, and even people.
Flight: The ring allows the wearer to fly in atmosphere or in space, and can achieve light-speed, moving from planet to planet in a matter of hours.
Mind Control: The wearer of the Ring can use it to plant post hypnotic commands or control a person.
Mirages: The Ring can create mirages/illusions. This would often be used to create images of monters or other horrific creatures or tableus.
Phasing: The ring allows the user to go through walls.
Probing: The ring can probe the Lantern's or another person's mind, allowing him to uncover memories or the person's thoughts, often to use them against to instill great fear.
Radiation: Besides light based radiation used to create the energy constructs associated with a Sinestro Corps member or a Green Lantern, the ring can simulate various forms of radiation. One example of this is the ability to simulate the radiation of Red solar radiation, which stunts or removes the powers of Kryptonians and Daxamites.
Recharging: The rings need to be recharged by means of a Power Battery. Other large sources of power may be used to recharge a power ring, however effectiveness may vary. The internal power source of a Manhunter Android is, in effect, the same as a power battery, and can be used to recharge a power ring. As a member of the Sinestro Corps recharges their ring, they generally quote the Sinestro Corps oath:


Blue lanterns: The yellow power ring can work on any color and is able to kill but a blue lantern ring can discharge a yellow ring.
Red lanterns: The yellow power ring can´t stop red lanterns fire.
Overconfidence: Sinestro's arrogance has lead him to defeat in the past.


“In blackest day, in brightest night,

Beware your fears made into light

Let those who try to stop what's right,

Burn like my power... Sinestro's might!”

Personality and traits

 Even as a Green Lantern Sinestro was cold, arrogant, egotistical, and harsh. He also will do what ever it takes to preserve order in the universe, a trait that expelled him from the Green Lantern Corps. He is also a master strategist and manipulator. Though he does have his good traits, such as genuinely caring for his daughter and wanting to bring order to the universe.


Abin Sur - Though they have never been seen interacting with each other it was recently implied Sinestro respects Abin.
Arin Sur - It is revealed during the Blackest Night that Sinestro was involved in a relationship with Abin's sister.
Hal Jordan - Sinestro and Hal got off to a bad start due both of their problems but eventually they became friends. But when Hal discovered Sinestro had formed a dictatorship on Korugar their friendship quickly fell apart and they became bitter enemies. Though Sinestro has saved Hal's life recently.
Soranik Natu - Sinestro cares for his daughter deeply though his feelings are not returned as she hates him.
Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner - He has no respect for them.

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