Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Lantern: Green Lantern Movie's Blake Lively Interview at Comic Convention 2010

DC Comics Green Lantern movie actress, Blake Lively, who will play Star Sapphire has a preference of playing a role in Spider-man.  Cool to get an honest opinion.

She had a burning desire to be cast in a superhero film, though, and even though she wanted to be a part of such a project, she admitted that "DC Green Lantern movie" wasn't first on her list of priorities.

"'Green Lantern' wasn't," Lively told MTV News, "I didn't know about 'Green Lantern.' That's what's so exciting about it. I was just saying, you know, to get to introduce it to a young generation is a cool thing."

Lively seemed most interested in providing a bridge between generations and seeing what it would be like to present the title hero to a new audience, including her own family members.

"My nephews, when I brought them to set, I had them put on the ring, and they were like, 'Oh, this is cool,' and I thought, 'In a year from now you're gonna be so happy that I made you take this picture,'" she explained.

And in the end, "Green Lantern" met those expectations and became the job she wanted it to be.

"Doing a superhero picture is something that just seems like so much fun, and it really was," the actress said.

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