Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds Talks 'Green Lantern,' But Who's The Mystery Alien?

Warner Bros.: Green LanternImage by rwoan via Flickr
"Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds is a magazine cover boy yet again — which is appropriate at a time when the actor’s charms are being utilized for critically praised and/or huge-profile projects as opposed to the under-the-radar comedy and horror films that formed the foundation of his early career.

One of those high-profile projects is of course, “Green Lantern,” which Reynolds just happened to be in the midst of filming when GQ visited the set for a profile of the actor. Describing Reynolds in the midst of a scene, the magazine may have revealed an alien guardian we could see at a vital point in the film.

The report also paints a picture of what Reynolds may be doing in that horrible suit — and the mysterious Lantern who joins him in the film.

“This afternoon a newly empowered Green Lantern meets two aliens who will train him in his new powers and role," reported the magazine. "Everything is shot against a blue screen with orange letters dotted over it. One of the aliens is played by a man on stilts. Reynolds cowers on the ground in his gray dotted one-piece as the man on stilts leers toward him.”

Who could it be? As the foremost trainer of new Lantern recruits, Kilowog could require a motion actor to simulate his towering size by standing on stilts. Or are the stilts meant to imitate something more stilt-like — possibly the long lanky appendages of Corps member Salaak?

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