Monday, September 13, 2010

Green Lantern: Flash Movie and Green Lantern 2

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Something that got lost in all the post-Big Big Live Show shuffle last week (which is understandable, given how crazy that event-to-end-all-events was) was a little tidbit from comic & screen writer Marc Guggenheim about the second GREEN LANTERN movie and FLASH movie. According to Joblo (by way of Newsarama) Guggenheim and his co-writers, the Greg Berlanti/Michael Green duo, have just turned in their treatment for FLASH and, without skipping a step, they’re already talking about what to do for GREEN LANTERN 2. This is fulfilling the scoop we got back in July when the trio was announced for this gig. Guggenheim stressed, however, that the writing of the FLASH screenplay is still a ways off, presumably depending on the WB’s approval.

Is it too early to be talking about a second GREEN LANTERN movie when the first hasn’t even come out yet? These things are really easy to do sequels to, and I still say that it’d make a lot of sense to fit Johns’ new cosmology into this trilogy with movie #2 concerning the SINESTRO CORPS WAR and movie #3 dealing with BLACKEST NIGHT. Also, a question for you maniacs... 

Christopher Nolan thinks DC characters work best in their own self-contained spheres, but would you like to see GL and Flash exist in the same movie continuity in a manner similar to what Marvel’s been doing?

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