Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds Calls 'Green Lantern' Suit Like Filming 'Inside Alec Baldwin'

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With "Buried" and "Green Lantern" being two of the most talked about films of the year, it's not a big surprise that GQ decided to have star Ryan Reynolds be their October cover boy. The profile of the actor, who at many times it seems is universally loved for pretty much every step in his career, is an intriguing look at someone who is surprisingly guarded yet content with his life.

Despite the fact that Ryan opens up to GQ, there is an unmistakable air of restraint with everything he shares. This is most obvious in regards to his relationship with wife Scarlett Johannson, which Ryan says "hasn't been some covert operation," but he still chooses "to remain as private as possible without being secretive."

The time when Ryan opens up the most is when he talks about his experience on the set of "Green Lantern," and his well-loved sly humor sneaks into the conversation when talking about the motion-capture suit he was forced to wear throughout the majority of the shoot.

"It's made of actual woven misery," he says. "Whatever material they've used, they've managed to make it the most heat-conducting substance known to man. I literally begged them to just put me in a non-breathable rubber unitard... It was like shooting an entire movie inside Alec Baldwin."

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