Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Lantern: After Green Lantern, What Comes Next?

Green Lantern #1 (July 1941). Cover art by PurcellImage via Wikipedia
DC bet it all on Green Lantern, and it looks like things won't pay off. Will fans have to wait even longer to see their favorite DC characters on the big screen?

Well, I guess the title is pretty self explanatory. The future of the DC movie universe has been a hot topic during the past few weeks and I decided to throw in my own two cents.

To say that DC Entertainment bet it all on Green Lantern would be an understatement. Word has it that the budget was well over $300 million dollars, and that DC was already developing a sequel and a Flash film, banking on GL's box office success. Warner Brothers have been very open in stating that the heroes of the DC Universe would be the future cash cows of the studio after the Harry Potter franchise wraps up this summer.

How much things can change in a week.

So overall, is the failure of Green Lantern a good or bad thing for DC movies? Ultimately, I think a lot of good can come from it. While I'm sure we'll hear multiple excuses from Warners over why GL failed (Twenty bucks says they'll blame the competition), I just hope they learn from their mistakes. I really want to see the DC heroes up on the big screen because I'm a huge DC fanboy, but I want to see my favorite heroes done right.

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