Friday, November 19, 2010

Green Lantern: Why Green Lantern Movie Looks Familiar?

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The trailer for next summer's Green Lantern movie hit the Internet in the face earlier this week, like a giant green fist. In addition to being yet another movie to feature gratuitous shots of Ryan Reynolds' abs, like [Every Movie Ryan Reynolds Has Ever Done], the Green Lantern movie distinguishes itself in another way. For the first time ever, I can't tell if I'm watching a trailer or a combination of clips from every other superhero movie ever shot. Either this is the work of a very clever editor, or there isn't a single original moment in the entire trailer.

Has it happened? Have we exhausted the genre? Is it time to stop making superhero movies? Let's take a closer look at the Green Lantern trailer and its similarities to every other superhero movie.

#6. Origin Story (See Iron Man)

#5. Superpowers (See Superman: The Movie)

#4. With Great Power Comes I Can't Believe We're Using This Character Arc Again (See Plenty of Superhero Movies, or Even Superhero Movie Probably)

#3. Recycled Female Lead (See Iron Man 1 and 2)

#2. Villains We've Already Seen (See Iron Man 2, X2)

#1. Additional Unapologetic Similarities

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