Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green Lantern: First Green Lantern Movie Footage - Your Take?

Ryan Reynolds arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards.Image via Wikipedia
It’s early footage that will undoubtedly get polished prior to the movie’s June 2011 release — and there’s still time for them to kill Ryan Reynolds‘ ridiculous “I know, right?” line when he shows off his CGI superhero suit — but it’s a long way from the dark tone of The Dark Knight, the most successful DC Comics movie ever. It’s also not what you might expect from a production Badass Digest called the “biggest, most epic, most sweeping, most cosmic superhero film yet.”

Still, the lightweight first look isn’t too surprising, since director Martin Campbell is on the record saying the movie will be closer to Iron Man than Batman Begins. “The tone is light,” Campbell told MTV News. “It has a lot of humor, but I think the relationships between all the characters are very real. We try to keep the action very real.” At least Kilowog looks undeniably cool.

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