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Green Lantern: Green Lantern The Movie review

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When I heard Ryan Reynolds was attached to play the titular role of the Green Lantern, I didn't complain. I knew he was a good actor so I had no problem with the casting choice. Last year prior to the film's release I copped Green Lantern: Secret Origins to fuel my anticipation for the film. A week before the release I see a plethora of reviews on the net filled with nothing but disappointment about the film. When I saw the film for myself I understood why.

I had high hopes for the film, very high hopes. The film could have been the new Star Wars. It could have been brilliant, but the film was plagued with thinly written dialogue from a script that elicited uncertainty and clumsiness on the big screen. What happened?! There was a good director, there was plenty of time to get the story right. Geoff Johns was attached as a consultant for the film!

Maybe there was a disunity among the people involved in the film, maybe the pressure got to everyone. We may never truly know. What we do know however is that Mark Strong was a solid choice for Sinestro and the choice of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris was equivalent to Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

As you already know, the movie was an embarrassment to Warner Bros. It was a critical and commercial failure. The chance of seeing a Justice League movie has never seemed more unreleastic until the Green Lantern movie hit theatres. If I'm honest, the film had it's good moments but they were few. Marvel dominated the theatres with Captain America and Thor. Thor was relatively an unknown but the movie raked in 450 million in the box office. There was no excuse for the failure of 'Green Lantern'.

November last year I decided to watch the pilot for Green Lantern the Animated series. I was more frustrated. I was frustrated because the likes of Bruce Timm brought to us 'Green Lantern' on a television budget. The TV series was much better than I hoped for. It is simply awesome, colourful, funny, well written and chuck-full of brilliant voice talents. This was true entertainment. From the pilot is was obvious the show had no intention of shying away from the theme of death.

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