Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Lantern: Next summer's box office battle

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If you asked me who would win in a fight, Marvel Comics’ Thor or DC ComicsGreen Lantern, I’d have to go with the god of thunder. A hammer versus a ring? No contest!

The “Green Lantern” trailer, however, has left me with serious doubts. Warner Brothers gave us “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” sure, but they also gave us the overwhelmingly underwhelming “Superman Returns.” The trailer looks like they have kept the story fairly close to its comic origins, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t seem to be playing the role of Hal Jordan. Instead, he’s doing what he does in just about every other movie he’s in – playing himself.

This movie shouldn’t be DC’s answer to “Iron Man” – it should be its own unique property.

Another issue I have is with the special effects. While even early shots of “Thor” looked polished and ready for theaters, much of “Green Lantern” still appears unfinished even after the official release of the trailer.

The homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps looks impressive, and the supporting characters seem pretty spot-on, but in an unusually unnecessary move, the studio chose to use CGI to animate Reynolds’ costume. It’s clear in almost every scene shown that his entire body simply isn’t there; how a new body was cheaper or looked better than just donning tights I’ll never understand.


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